Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet is a new shield for your Health!

Copper Bracelet and it’s purposes:

Powerful rare earth magnets in the bracelet rest against the artery in your wrist. As blood flows past them, the magnets act on the iron in your blood, lining up the red blood cells so that they can receive more oxygen. This improves circulation. Better circulation helps reduce inflammation. The increased blood flow helps your body promote healing function, easing discomfort in your arms and hands. The powerful magnets in Defense Bracelets also help reduce lactic acid and calcium deposits. 

Moving calcium ions through your body faster helps speed up the healing process in your nerves and bones. Magnets can also raise melatonin levels. This means most of us can get better sleep naturally, without taking supplements. Likewise, magnetic bracelets can raise endorphins, reduce pain, and give anyone an overall sense of contentment and well-being. Pure Copper Bracelet is a new shield for your Health!

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The Power of Copper

Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Copper is an element that we need to be healthy. Low levels of copper in our body are linked to heart disease and high blood pressure. Wearing a copper bracelet delivers this essential mineral to the bloodstream through the process of transdermal micro nutrition. 

When anyone wears a Defense Bracelet, copper ions are absorbed through their skin. Nutrients that are absorbed straight into the bloodstream don’t have to pass through the digestive tract or liver, so our body is able to use them better. Defense Bracelets are made of 99.999% pure medical-grade copper and are free from contaminants like nickel and lead.

Defense Bracelets:

Copper Magnetic Bracelet

These powerful copper magnetic defense bracelets bring most of us relief of discomfort, promotes better sleep, supports healthy circulation, and supports healthy inflammation. All from wearing a piece of jewelry that’s attractive and looks great on both men and women!

I’ve got to admit… many of us can be skeptical

Copper Magnetic Bracelet

All bracelets are made of pure, high-quality medical-grade copper. Each of these is carefully crafted and has a strong rare, earth, neodymium magnet embedded within. There are 20 total magnets in each bracelet and each magnet. Link bracelets are also fully adjustable. This is a free sizing tool for you included that allows buyers to customize their bracelets. So, that it rests exactly where you want it to, in order to deliver the best results possible. Simply slip the cuff onto your wrist and gently squeeze it to fit comfortably against your skin for maximum magnetic and copper delivery.

Pure Copper Bracelet is a new shield for your Health!

Give it a Try!

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