10 Winter Beauty Problems and How to Fix Them

Winter Beauty Problems

Feeling the winter beauty blues? As the temperatures drop, our skin can sometimes rebel. But fear not – we’ve got your back! We tapped into the wisdom of top experts to make sure you’ve got all the secrets to keep that glow even in the coldest months.

Winter is on the horizon, and it’s time to switch up your skincare game. Ready to dive into the ultimate guide for a radiant winter? Let’s do this! 

Problem with Flyaway hair

Prevention Tips: Cold winds and too much combing can lead to a pesky buildup of negative ions, causing that staticky hair situation. Solution? Opt for a mild shampoo tailored for dry hair and never skip the conditioner – it’s your ticket to bidding farewell to those negative ions.

Red Flags – When to Consult a Pro: If your flyaway hair comes with an itchy, flaky scalp, it might be more than just a bad hair day; it could be dandruff knocking on your door. If the situation doesn’t improve with anti-dandruff shampoo or a DIY solution, it’s time to give a dermatologist a call.

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Tired of rough elbows? We've got your smooth-skin strategy.

Prevention 101: It’s all about the moisture game. Grab your go-to moisturizer or something like Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, and make it a post-shower ritual to hydrate and shield those elbows.

Treatment Tactics: Double up on TLC by slathering on a hydrating body cream twice a day. For those extra-rough elbows, add a generous layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly before bedtime to lock in moisture. Feeling ambitious? Pop on some terry cloth wristbands to keep things clean and let that moisturizer work its magic overnight.

Red Flags – When to Call in the Pros: If your elbows are still playing rough after a week, it might be time for a pro touch. A prescription cream could be the answer, especially if inflammation is in the mix – could be a sign of something like psoriasis, a genetic game-changer.

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Dealing with a flaky face? Let's tackle it head-on.

Prevention Tips: Flaky skin? Skip products with alcohol – they’re the culprits behind the drying game. Opt for a gentle cleanser and upgrade to a richer moisturizer to keep that skin happy and flake-free.

Treatment Steps: Is winter causing chaos for your face? Dr. Rogers suggests hitting pause on heavy-duty anti-aging products, anything fragrant, or with essential oils. Instead, go for the basics: a thick, no-frills moisturizer and a gentle cleanser. Need extra help? A dab of over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream before your moisturizer can work wonders for calming things down.

When to Seek Pro Help: If your skin’s doing a major flake-off, a quick fix might be a light chemical peel – one office visit, and you’re good. If those flaky zones are itching and causing a ruckus, it might be an allergy situation. Time to bring in the pros for a personalized cream prescription.

Got a red nose situation?

Got a red nose situation? Blame it on those blood vessels going into overdrive when the temperature takes a dip. Combat it by rocking SPF 30 sunblock – a must even when winter’s in full swing. Sun exposure can trigger redness, so shield up!

Treatment Tricks: If you’re rocking a flushed face post-outdoor adventure, fear not. The redness should chill out once you’re back indoors. Want to speed things up? Apply a warm (not hot!) compress to your skin for a few minutes – instant cool-down.

When to Call in the Pros: Persistent redness? Especially if it brings whiteheads or visible blood vessels to the party? It might be rosacea, a form of acne. Time to dial up a dermatologist who can hook you up with antibiotics or laser treatment to tone down those vessels and red vibes.

Winter waging war on your hands?

Prevention Pro Tips: Winter waging war on your hands? Defend them by donning gloves outdoors and rocking rubber gloves for dish duty. Oh, and a golden rule: moisturize every time you wash your hands. Keep those hand creams handy – one at every sink in the house is the magic number!

Treatment Tactics: Give your hands some extra love by slathering on a thick layer of hand cream before bedtime. For the ultimate moisture boost, slide into some white cotton gloves for the night. They’re like a cozy blanket for your hands, ensuring that cream works its magic while you catch some Z’s.

When to Seek Pro Help: If your hands are on the extreme side – cracked, raw, stinging, or burning even with creams – it’s pro time. A doctor can figure out if it’s more than winter blues, maybe eczema, psoriasis, or an allergy. The prescription might involve antibiotics, cortisone, UV light treatments, or potent ointments. Time to get those hands the expert care they deserve!

Chapped lips

Prevention Wisdom: Chapped lips? Your superhero: lip balm. There’s no such thing as too much! Go for the classics like ChapStick or Carmex with moisturizing champs like lanolin or petrolatum. If you’re braving the cold for more than 30 minutes, opt for an SPF-packed lip balm – no crystallizing in chilly weather!

Treatment Tactics: For those battle-worn lips, layer on a heavy-duty emollient a couple of times a day. Lock that moisture in – your lips will thank you.

When to Call in the Pros: Cracks at the corners of your mouth causing some serious discomfort? It might be perleche, a yeast infection, or even a cold sore. Time to consult a pro for a prescription ointment to ease the pain.

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Windburned skin

Prevention Pro Tips: Harsh winds giving your skin a hard time? Arm yourself with a rich salve. It’s like a shield against the wind. Follow up with an SPF 30 sunblock. And for extra protection, throw on a hat or scarf, covering your neck and nose.

Treatment Tactics: For wind-ravaged skin, start with a nourishing cleanser. Keep it gentle with warm (not hot!) water, and follow up with a moisturizer. If there are sore spots, dab on a 1 percent hydrocortisone cream like Aveeno Maximum Strength. Soothe away that irritation!

When to Seek Pro Help: If the itching and soreness are holding on for dear life after three or four days, it’s time to consult a dermatologist. They can prescribe a stronger cream to speed up the healing process.

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Cracked feet

Prevention Pro Tips: Cracked feet prevention 101: Ditch those shoes and socks pronto at the end of the day – let those feet breathe! Combat sweaty feet, a cracking culprit, by giving them a personal bath. After they’re nice and dry, treat them to some love with an AHA lotion.

Treatment Tactics: Show your feet some bedtime love by slathering on a thick cream and donning cotton socks. The night magic? Your feet will get a touch sweaty, allowing that moisture to deeply hydrate. For an extra absorption boost, warm up some hydrating balm, slather it over the moisturizer, and sock up. Wake up to happy, moisturized feet!

When to Seek Pro Help: If those painful cracks are holding strong after a week or two, it’s pro time. A dermatologist can hook you up with a prescription-strength cream. And if your feet are itching and cracking, it might be fungus, eczema, or psoriasis – time for the pros to intervene.

Dry eyes

Prevention Pro Tips: Dry eyes on the horizon? Shield up! Those blustery winds and glaring lights can wreak havoc. Grab a pair of sunglasses, but don’t just settle – make sure they block out those harmful UVA and UVB rays. Your eyes deserve the VIP treatment!

Treatment Tactics: Give your eyes some love with non-medicated saline tears or gentle drops that reapply as needed. Steer clear of overusing medicated drops to avoid a rebound of redness. If the skin around your eyes feels parched, moisturize, but ditch creams with alpha hydroxy acids – they can be a tad irritating.

When to Seek Pro Help: If the non-medicated drops aren’t doing the trick after a week, it’s pro time. Book an appointment with a dermatologist or allergist – your eyes deserve the best care!


As we navigate the chilly challenges of winter, let’s not forget that our skin, hair, and overall well-being deserve a little extra love. From preventing cracked feet to tackling windburn, each beauty woe has a remedy – and sometimes, prevention is the best cure.

So, let’s embrace the magic of self-care rituals: slathering on rich creams, donning stylish sunglasses, and indulging in overnight masks. Winter may try to throw its chill our way, but armed with a few expert tips, we’re ready to face it head-on.

Remember, these beauty tweaks aren’t just about looking good; they’re about feeling good too. It’s a holistic approach – from protecting your eyes against harsh winds to pampering your feet before bedtime. Because when you feel good, you radiate that inner glow.

So, here’s to a winter filled with cozy nights, happy skin, and a radiant you. Let the beauty rituals begin, and may your self-care routine be as fabulous as you are!

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