What are good cat toys in 2024?

Why cat needs a toy?

what are good cat toys

Often cats need stimulation to have a happy, active and healthy life. There is a wide range of cat toys available that can provide your pet with hours of fun, helping him to stay active and fit. From interactive playtime to solo activities – we’ve rounded up 10 of the best cat toys you should consider grabbing for your furry friend.

What kind of toys do cats like best?

what are good cat toys

Each cat has their own unique preferences and energy level, so you’ll want to try out various types of toys to find out which your kitty likes. Indoor cats in particular need toys that give them mental stimulation and an outlet for scratching. Low-energy cats might prefer a soft toy filled with catnip, while high-energy cats enjoy dancers and teasers that allow them to mimic catching prey.

what are good cat toys

Cats are frisky and inquisitive animals.  Channel their energy and curiosity into something positive with TRIXIEís Tunnel Feeder for CatsSimply fill it with small, hard treats and watch your cat play. Can also be used as a daily feeder

  • An instructional booklet with tips and tricks to stimulate your catís sense of curiosity through play (included)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • One year warranty
  • Color: blue, white
  • Dimensions:  11î W x 11î D x 5.5î H
  • Weight:  1 pound
  • Materials:  plastic, rubber

These ginormous, huge cat play and scratch balls are a whopping 12″ in diameter and are completely wrapped in sisal rope.

Your cat will love batting and playing with this humungous ball as well as using it as a scratch surface!

Also a fun conversation piece.

12″ in diameter

Add a touch of modern whimsy to your cat” ‘s wall-climbing system with this Peeking Cat Face wall decal!   Available in widths of 7.25 to 24 inches. Wall decals are precision-cut adhesive vinyl words and designs that are applied to walls and other surfaces. 

These decals are 100% removable and look like they’ve been professionally painted once they”re-installed. Wall quotes, words, designs, and artwork are the perfect way to add the finishing touch to any decorating theme.

Corner Furniture Protector is a great piece if you don’t want to buy a new couch! This scratching post for cats is one of our hottest items because of the savings you get. This is one of our best scratching posts for cats because of its purpose. Save the furniture and allow your cat to use their natural instinct to scratch. Once the piece has the cat’s scent on it you can move the furniture anywhere you want and your cat will follow. 

If you want something you and your guests will love as much as your feline friends, this is your perfect option.  Featuring five tiers, every one of them unique, your cuddly cats will be sure to find a favorite area.  At nearly six feet tall, this cat tree features a hammock-shaped perch, a circular shaped bed, a huge tunnel with a side window entrance, a large circular bed with extra tall sides for your cat’s peace of mind as well as a notched entrance for their convenience. 

This fun pet teepee is the perfect refuge for your cat.  Cute design with stars.

  • 2-flap door opening
  • Door Dimensions: 21.00′′ H
  • Made of Canadian Hemlock and cotton canvas
  • Easy assembly; instructions included

Comes in your choice of sizes:

  • Medium – 29.92′′D x 29.92′′W x 37.20′′H
  • Large – 39.96′′D x 39.96′′W x 47.64′′H

What are good cat toys in 2024?

What are good cat toys?

Finding the best cat toys really depends on what kind of cat you have. As any cat owner knows, each cat has strong likes and dislikes and they aren’t afraid to let you know about them. This can make finding the right toy a bit of a challenge. After all, no matter how much time or thought you put into it, your cat may end up ignoring the new toy altogether, so be sure to hang on to the receipt. 

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Is catnip bad for cats?

What are good cat toys?

Many cats are drawn to the smell of catnip and react to it, from lazily rolling around and meowing to going nutso berserk. But fortunately, because it’s an herb, catnip is considered to be safe and nonaddictive. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t take much to let your kitty unwind. 

If cats ingest too much catnip, whether fresh or dried, they can experience digestive issues. If you’re worried about that, it’s best to stick with catnip toys that are durable and not likely to break apart. 

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