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La Jolie Muse is a premium lifestyle brand specializing in luxury home decor. Emphasizing quality, elegance, and sophistication, it offers a broad range of products to enhance any living space. From beautifully crafted candles to exquisite home accessories, each item reflects meticulous care and attention to detail. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into La Jolie Muse’s backstory, explore its product range, and share insights from customer testimonials.

Discerning home decor enthusiasts seek products that are aesthetically pleasing and contribute to a pleasant, inviting atmosphere. La Jolie Muse meets these expectations by offering items that elevate a home’s aesthetic and create a warm, welcoming environment. Whether you’re a seasoned interior designer or a homeowner seeking a touch of elegance, La Jolie Muse has something for everyone.

Finding a brand that consistently delivers quality, style, and exceptional customer service in the home decor realm can be challenging. However, with La Jolie Muse, customers can trust they’re investing in products that are not only luxurious but also durable.

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The story behind La Jolie Muse

La Jolie Muse Review

La Jolie Muse’s journey began with a passion for design and a desire to create elegant, high-quality home decor products. Established by a group of artists and designers, the brand aims to infuse beauty and art into everyday lives globally. With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, La Jolie Muse delivers products that are visually stunning, functional, and durable.

To realize this vision, La Jolie Muse collaborates with skilled artisans well-versed in traditional techniques and materials. By melding time-honored practices with modern design concepts, the brand crafts products that are both timeless and contemporary. The result is a captivating range of home decor items.

La Jolie Muse’s dedication to excellence shines through in every aspect, from design to the final product. Utilizing only the finest materials and maintaining an unwavering attention to detail, the brand continues to set a high standard in the home decor industry.

Maelyn Scented Candle - Gardenia & Ylang Ylang

Candle - Gardenia & Ylang Ylang

Maelyn Scented Candle - Rose Noir & Oud

Scented Candle - Rose Noir & Oud

Candle - Dark Berries & Bergamot

Candle - Dark Berries & Bergamot

Maelyn Scented Candle - Sea Mint & Spruce

Green Candle - Sea Mint & Spruce

La Jolie Muse product range

La Jolie Muse Review

The product range at La Jolie Muse is diverse, catering to various tastes and styles. Each product, designed with elegance and beauty in mind, adds a luxurious touch to any living space.

UPDATE 2024. The company no longer makes these. From now on they will make CANDLES ONLY!

A hallmark of the brand is its collection of La Jolie Muse candles. Available in various sizes, scents, and designs, these candles are ideal for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Their exquisite packaging and meticulous design make La Jolie Muse candles excellent gift options.

Besides candles, the brand offers a variety of home accessories like vases, decorative trays, and wall art. These items are crafted to complement your existing decor while adding a touch of sophistication. With high-quality materials and timeless designs, La Jolie Muse home accessories are bound to impress.

Overall, La Jolie Muse provides a plethora of options for those aiming to elevate their home’s aesthetic. Their commitment to quality and style makes them a favorite among discerning home decor enthusiasts.

In-depth La Jolie Muse candle review

La Jolie Muse candles offer a wide variety of scents to cater to any taste or preference. From fresh, invigorating fragrances like citrus and herbaceous notes to warm, comforting scents like vanilla and wood, there’s a La Jolie Muse candle for every occasion. Each fragrance is thoughtfully crafted to provide a multi-layered, complex aroma that delights the senses and enhances your home’s ambiance.

Design-wise, La Jolie Muse candles are a visual delight. Housed in beautifully crafted containers often featuring intricate patterns and designs, they are sure to impress. With elegant packaging, La Jolie Muse candles make excellent gifts or stunning additions to your home decor.

Exploring La Jolie Muse scented candles

La Jolie Muse Review

La Jolie Muse’s scented candles are visually stunning and provide a sensory experience that’s both soothing and invigorating. With a variety of fragrances available, customers can find a scent that perfectly encapsulates their desired mood or atmosphere.

Popular scents within the La Jolie Muse collection include:

Each La Jolie Muse scented candle is formulated to provide a long-lasting fragrance that fills your home with a delightful aroma. With unique scent profiles and beautiful packaging, La Jolie Muse’s scented candles are an excellent choice for enhancing your home’s atmosphere.

Other Products sold by La Jolie Muse

La Jolie Muse Review

UPDATE 2024. The company no longer makes these. From now on they will make CANDLES ONLY!

La Jolie Muse extends beyond candles by offering many other captivating products.

Their collection includes:

  • Planters: Various hanging, standalone, and stand-equipped planters are meticulously designed to complement your space.
  • Garden Decorations: Imaginative garden decorations like artificial trees and plants, and elegant fairy garden settings elevate your garden.
  • Storage and Organizers: A diverse selection of rope-based containers in neutral colors, designed to blend seamlessly into any area of your home.
  • Bedding: A small but meticulously crafted range of products that complement your existing decor and serve as delightful additions when hosting guests.

La Jolie Muse enhances the olfactory ambiance of your home and elevates its visual appeal. Their products are thoughtfully designed to infuse elegance into every corner of your living space.

Cedar and Balsam Scented Candle

La Jolie Muse Review

The Cedar and Balsam scented candle comes elegantly presented in a simplistic green-tinted glass jar, accentuated by a gold metal lid. Unlike other La Jolie Muse candles, this jar lacks intricate glass designs. Crafted with pure soy wax and a cotton wick, this candle promises a high-quality experience.

The fragrance is particularly delightful during colder winter months but remains a wonderful choice year-round. It encapsulates the essence of a serene forest, blending notes of bergamot and fir needle leaf with richer undertones of cedarwood, rosemary, and pine. Subtle hints of fir balsam and musk complete the fragrance, creating a warm, inviting ambiance that adds a cozy touch to any home.


  • Ideal for creating an authentic, woodsy atmosphere, especially for artificial Christmas trees.
  • The jar and lid serve as attractive decorations, particularly suitable for the holiday season.
  • Crafted with high-quality ingredients for a superior candle experience.
  • The fragrance offers a natural and well-balanced scent without overwhelming the senses.
  • Long-lasting burn time due to the slow-burning properties of soy wax.


  • Some individuals may find the fragrance too potent for their liking.

La Jolie Muse Review

This candle stands out with its unique packaging. Encased in a white tin vessel adorned with elegant gold leaf accents, it becomes a captivating centerpiece in your decor. The complementing gold lid adds to its allure, making it a delightful focal point. The subtle color scheme of the vessel also contributes to its appeal, providing a soothing visual experience that enhances relaxation and promotes stress relief.

The fragrance features a delightful blend of floral vanilla orchid and coconut. Harmoniously intertwined, these aromas are accompanied by notes of tonka beans and balsam bourbon vanilla, with a touch of floral undertones. This exquisite combination creates the perfect candle to welcome you home after a long day, offering a soothing sanctuary to alleviate stress.


  • The fragrance is potent enough to fill a large room effectively.
  • The scent has a versatile quality that appeals to a wide range of individuals.
  • The decorative tin effortlessly complements various decor styles, particularly during the holiday season.
  • Expect a high-quality candle that delivers on performance.
  • The use of soy wax ensures a slow burn, extending the candle’s lifespan.


  • Some individuals may perceive the vanilla notes as having an artificial scent.

La Jolie Muse store experience

La Jolie Muse Review

Shopping at the La Jolie Muse store is an experience in itself. The brand’s commitment to quality and elegance is apparent when you open the website or step inside one of its wholesale locations. With beautiful displays showcasing their range of candles and home accessories, customers can easily find inspiration for their own home decor projects.

In addition to its stunning product displays, the La Jolie Muse store also offers exceptional customer service. A knowledgeable and friendly email service (from 9 a.m. – to 5 p.m. EST) is available to answer any questions or give recommendations based on your specific needs and preferences.

La Jolie Muse offers a seamless online shopping experience through their website, lajoliemuse.com. With an easy-to-navigate interface and detailed product descriptions, customers can easily find and purchase their desired items with just a few clicks. (Get a Discount with coupon form by clicking HERE)

Customer testimonials: La Jolie candles reviews

La Jolie Muse Review

La Jolie Muse has garnered a loyal following of satisfied customers who rave about their products and overall shopping experience. Many praise the brand’s commitment to quality, noting that their candles and home accessories are not only beautiful but also built to last.

Others commend the wide variety of scents available in the La Jolie Muse candle collection, appreciating the range of options and the complexity of each fragrance. Additionally, many customers are impressed with the elegant packaging and design of the candles, often commenting that they make for excellent gifts or stylish additions to their own home decor.

Overall, La Jolie Muse has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers, reflecting the brand’s dedication to providing exceptional products and service.

Mirela Scented Candle - Dark Rum & Oak

Mirela Scented Candle - Dark Rum & Oak

Mirela Scented Candle - Tobacco Leaf Herb

Mirela Scented Candle - Tobacco Leaf Herb

Mirela Scented Candle - Woody Leather

Mirela Scented Candle - Woody Leather

Mirela Scented Candle - Whiskey Caramel

Mirela Scented Candle - Whiskey Caramel

Shopping at lajoliemuse.com

La Jolie Muse Review

For those who prefer to shop online, lajoliemuse.com offers an easy and convenient option for purchasing La Jolie Muse products. The website features a clean and user-friendly design, making it simple for customers to browse the available product range and find the perfect item for their home.

Each product listing on lajoliemuse.com includes a detailed description, accompanied by high-quality images that showcase the item’s design and features. This allows customers to make informed decisions about their purchases, ensuring that they find the perfect product to suit their needs and preferences.

In addition to the convenience of online shopping, lajoliemuse.com also offers excellent customer service. Should you have any questions or concerns, the La Jolie Muse team is readily available to assist you, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

How to incorporate La Jolie Muse products in your home decor

La Jolie Muse Review

Incorporating La Jolie Muse products into your home decor is a simple and effective way to elevate your living space’s aesthetic. The key is to thoughtfully select items that complement your existing decor while also adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

For instance, a La Jolie Muse scented candle can be placed on a coffee table, side table, or mantelpiece to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider choosing a scent that reflects the mood you wish to create in the space, whether it be calming, uplifting, or invigorating.

La Jolie Muse Review

La Jolie Muse home accessories, such as vases and decorative trays, can be incorporated into various areas of your home to add a touch of luxury. Try displaying a beautiful vase on a console table in your entryway, or use a decorative tray to organize items on your bathroom counter.

Ultimately, the key to successfully integrating La Jolie Muse products into your home decor is to select items that enhance your existing aesthetic while also adding a touch of elegance and refinement.

Conclusion: Elevating elegance with La Jolie Muse

La Jolie Muse Review

In conclusion, La Jolie Muse offers a diverse range of high-quality, elegant home decor products that are perfect for discerning enthusiasts looking to elevate their living spaces. With their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service, La Jolie Muse has quickly become a favorite among those seeking beauty and sophistication in their homes.

From their exquisite La Jolie Muse candles to their stunning home accessories, each product is thoughtfully designed to provide a luxurious touch to any space. Whether you are a seasoned interior designer or a homeowner looking to add a touch of elegance to your home, La Jolie Muse is a brand that is sure to impress and delight.

So why wait? Explore the beautiful world of La Jolie Muse today and discover the art of elegance for yourself.

Maelyn Scented Candle -Cinnamon Pumpkin

Roesia Scented Candle-Pumpkin Chai

Taliana Scented Candle - Sandalwood Rose

Marvella Scented Candle - Damask Rose


La Jolie Muse Review

Why do they use 100% natural soy?

  • Protect Earth: Compared to paraffin wax, soy wax is naturally biodegradable and eco-friendly. Soy wax candles do not increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere like paraffin candles do.
  • Burns Clean & Lasts Long: Soy burns cleaner and slower too. A soy candle can burn up to twice as long as regular candles, and it burns evenly, leaving almost no excess wax on the sides of the jar. It’s also easier to remove from materials and other surfaces compared to paraffin wax.

Do they use fragrance oil or essential oil?

  • Currently, they are not exclusively using essential oils. While essential oils are great, they are not comprised in a manner that best suits a candle, i.e., the flashpoint may be lower than the heat produced by the candle to melt the wax, thus could be a hazard in a candle and/or cause sooting, etc. Several technical factors go into formulating a fragrance for use in a candle. 
  • Their fragrances are formulated in such a manner that they are capable and the base, middle, and top notes work together to give us the best result in an air care fragrance using a candle as a delivery method. All of the fragrances adhere to strict IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines and are safe for use in the intended product.

Are those oils natural?

  • Fragrance oils are partially extracted from flowers and botanicals, and all the soy wax used is 100% natural, assuring you that they produce and support eco-friendly and healthy merchandise.

What does “handcraft imperfections” mean?

  • It refers to specific ceramic tableware products. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans, and each piece is unique. The handcraft imperfections are the slight variations in color, texture, and size that are the hallmark of handmade products. These are not considered defects but are the beautiful results of the handcraft process.

What is their demonstration of Eco?

  • Scented candles have a beautiful scent medley that evaporates into the atmosphere, improving your space and creating an instant ambiance.
  • 100% Soy Wax from NON-GMO grain
  • Natural Cotton Wicks
  • Strictly limited from any additives
  • Recyclable Package

What is the return policy?

  • They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange. They also offer a 6-month warranty on all products.

How do I contact La Jolie Muse?

  • You can contact them via email at customersupport@lajoliemuse.com or through the contact form on their website. They also have a live chat feature on their website for immediate assistance.

From the Company!

La Jolie Muse Review

The hallmark of La Jolie Muse is ensuring these meticulously arranged and packaged products reach the doorstep of their customers. They believe life’s simple pleasures should not be simplistic, and that design is indeed a way of living. At La Jolie Muse, the journey towards the end goal is as significant as the goal itself. It’s a known fact that a good fragrance is closely tied to the parts of the brain that process emotion and memory. 

Whether it’s a visit to a spa, a walk on the beach, the scent of fresh laundry, or a log fire – La Jolie Muse draws on these calming memories and encapsulates them into their products.

Closer to Mother Nature

Furthermore, natural soy wax has a longer lifespan, lasting up to twice as long as normal candles, delicately igniting the fragrance oils, and filling spaces with enduring fragrance. Created with natural soy wax, pure cotton wicks, and scented with essential oils, La Jolie Muse sets the stage for the theatre that is one’s home. The specially designed tins, jars, and glasses for their candles have been crafted with light throw and reflection in mind. 

From ceramic to pearlescent jars, mottled hand-blown glass to hexagonal rose gold pots: La Jolie Muse makes an enchanting statement that lives up to the scent.

Last Word

La Jolie Muse Review

You made it all the way here!

From their exquisite La Jolie Muse candles to their stunning home accessories, each product is thoughtfully designed to provide a luxurious touch to any space. Whether you are a seasoned interior designer or a homeowner looking to add a touch of elegance to your home, La Jolie Muse is a brand that is sure to impress and delight.

So why wait? Explore the beautiful world of La Jolie Muse today and discover the art of elegance for yourself. Click the link with the discount in it down below!

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